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Carson City Public Library- Michigan

What's new?

Some great new books!

August 4, 2020

"Coconut Layer Cake" by Joanne Fluke

""Girls of Summer" by Nancy Thayer

"The Heirloom Garden" by Viola Shipman

"If It Bleeds" by Stephen King

"Carson At the Fence Lines" by R. Michael Beahan

"An Unladylike Profession" by Chris Dubbs

""Countdown 1945" by Chris Wallace

"The House of Kennedy" by James Patterson

"Masked Prey" by John Sandford

"A Week at the Shore" by Barbara Delinsky

"Shakespeare For Squirrels" by Christopher Moore

August 10, 2020

"Luke Jensen Bounty Hunter: Burning Daylight" by William W. Johnstone (large print western)

"The Order" by Daniel Silva

"Eagle Station" by Dale Brown

"Irish Houses and Castles 1400 - 1740" by Rolf Loeber

"The Madness of Crowds" by Douglas Murray

"Judah's Wife" by Angela Hunt (large print)

"The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook" by John Carter Cash

"Big Summer" by Jennifer Weiner

The Gift of Forgiveness" by Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

"Gentle On My Mind" by Kim Campbell