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Carson City Public Library- Michigan

New Children's Books

New children's books at the Carson City Public Library

New Kids Books

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New Vox Books (Books That Talk)

"Pete the Cat" by Kimberly & James Dean

"The Runaway Bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown

"Max & Ruby and Twin Trouble" by Rosemary Wells

"Cool Green" by Lulu Delacre

"The Library Fish Learns to Read" by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

"Shy Willow" by Cat Min

"Never Forget Eleanor" by Jason June

"The World and Everything In It" by Kevin Henkes

February 1, 2024

"If You Wake a Skunk" by Carol Doeringer

"If the Rivers Run Free" by Andrea Debbink

"Sea Dog" by Astrid Sheckels

"Fox and the Jumping Contest" by Corey R. Tabor

"Graphic Founding Fathers" by Andrea Pelleschi

"Graphic Stories Of Early America" by Andrea P. Smith

"Graphic American Legends" by Andrea P. Smith

"Graphic African American Stories" by Lynne Weiss

"Emma Every Day --Cat Care" by C.L. Reid

"Emma Every Day --Cooking With Grandma" by C.L.Reid

"Star Wars- The Mighty Chewbacca In the Forest of Fear!" by Tom Angleberger

"The Story Orchestra - In the Hall Of the Mountain King" by Jessica Courtney-Tickle

February 8, 2024

"The Evolution of Claire" by Tess Sharpe

"The Bad Guys" by Aaron Blabey

"The Bad Guys In Intergalactic Gas" by Aaron Blabey

"The Bad Guys In Attack Of the Zittens" by Aaron Blabey

"The Bad Guys In the Furball Strikes Back" by Aaron Blabey

"The Bad Guys In Mission Unpluckable" by Aaron Blabey

"Willa Of the Woods" by Robert Beatty

"Woof" by Spencer Quinn

"The Kingdom Of Rattlesnake Mountain" by Karel Hayes

"Make More S'mores" by Cathy Ballou Mealey

"A Pigeon In Paris" by Paige Howard

"PEW! The Stinky and Legen-Dairy Gift From Colonel Thomas S. Meacham" by Cathy Stefanec Ogren

"City Beet" by Tziporah Cohen

February 23, 2024

"Bow Wow-A Bowser and Birdie Novel" by Spencer Quinn

"What Do We Know About Bigfoot?" by Steve Korte

"What Do We Know About the Loch Ness Monster?" by Steve Korte

"Go Sled" by James Yang

"Mysterious Creatures"  by Rob Shone, David West, Gary Jeffrey (graphic)

"Under Your Skin" by Gary Jeffrey and Rob Shone (graphic)

"Classical Mythology" by Gary Jeffrey, Rob Shone and David West (graphic)

"Defying Death" by Gary Jeffrey and Rob Shone (graphic)

"Graphic Short Stories"  (graphic)

"Graphic Creatures" by Jack DeMolay (graphic)

"Graphic Monsters" by Steven Roberts (graphic)

"Graphic Mysteries" by Jack DeMolay (graphic)

February 29, 2024

"Down With the Dance" by C.T. Walsh

"Santukkah" by C. T. Walsh

'Battle Of the Bands" by C.T. Walsh

"The Science (un) Fair" by C.T. Walsh

"Medieval Mayhem" by C.T. Walsh

'Smartphones" by Emmett Martin

"The Cloud" by Emmett Martin

"Self-Driving Cars" by Emmett Martin

"Everything Is Streaming" by Emmett Martin

"Robots All Around Us" by Emmett Martin

"Wi-Fi" by Emmett Martin

"I Know Over and Under" by Rosie Banks

"I Know Forward and Backward" by Rosie Banks

"I Know In and Out" by Rosie Banks

"I Know Left and Right" by Rosie Banks

"I Know Up and Down" by Rosie Banks

"A Stage Full Of Shakespeare Stories" by Angela McAllister

"Forgotten Bible Stories" by Margaret McAllister

"Llama Llama's Little Lie" by Anna Dewdney

"The Pie That Mollie Grew" by Sue Heavenrich